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  • Quinoa 1Kg

Quinoa 1Kg

Raw Essentials | In stock
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Cherished as the 'Gold of the Incas', warriors in ancient civilizations looked to quinoa for increased stamina and strength in preparation for their battles. Our traditional ivory grains are grown with care, lending an incredibly soft texture and delicate mouthfeel once prepared. The seeds are de-saponized to enhance flavor and get rid of bitterness. Quinoa is grown within the country supporting the local farmers. Quinoa is threshed from fully matured plants, releasing nutritionally-rich seeds of exquisite taste. Naturally covered by bitter saponins, Raw Essentials' quinoa is de-saponized removing unwanted bitter qualities and offering exceptional flavor. Raw Essentials' whole grain quinoa is sustainably grown and sourced directly from farmers. Aesthetically similar to rice, quinoa can easily be substituted for brown or white rice without altering the flavor of your favorite dishes. White quinoa is neutral in color and lends a pleasant nutty flavor, pairing nicely as a nutritious side dish or complete well-balanced meal.

Gluten free

Saponin free

Whole grain

Health Benefits

Complete vegetarian protein

Rich in fibre

Low glycemic index

Antioxidant rich

Rich in magnesium

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Customer Reviews

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