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  • Raw Pumpkin Seeds 500g

Raw Pumpkin Seeds 500g

Raw Essentials | In stock
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These are not just another bag of your regular pumpkin seeds. These are premium quality, AAA grade, jumbo-sized seeds. The seeds are sorted carefully to select only the best. These are vacuum packed to retain the freshness and make sure they are super-crispy when they reach you. These small seeds pack a powerhouse of nutrition. It's time to ditch your junk foods and go for a healthy snacking option. Eat them raw, straight from the pack. The seeds come in a travel-friendly, zip-lock pouch which makes it easy to carry them around. Munch on them when you have those mid-meal hunger pangs or as a post-workout snack.

AAA grade


Premium quality

Health Benefits

Rich in zinc

Rich in magnesium

Boosts immunity

Antioxidant rich

Hair health

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Customer Reviews

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