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  • Iranian Pistachio 400g
  • Iranian Pistachio 400g
  • Iranian Pistachio 400g

Iranian Pistachio 400g

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Relatives of cashews, our raw pistachios are one of the most incredible nuts in the world. They are full of essential nutrients and very good for you in general. They also have a truly unique flavor and vividly green color. The nuts are already shelled, completely raw and without any salt.

Our Raw Iranian Pistachios a treat for your whole family. The delicious nuts to enjoy in many ways. You can eat them as snacks, add to trail mix or porridge, or create some more sophisticated culinary masterpieces. You definitely should try using raw pistachios to make cream, sauces, or ice cream.

Jumbo size


Premium quality

Health Benefits

Antioxidant rich

Skin health

Heart healthy

Hair health

Digestive health

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