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  • Kitchiez Natural Cocoa Powder, 400g
  • Kitchiez Natural Cocoa Powder, 400g
  • Kitchiez Natural Cocoa Powder, 400g

Kitchiez Natural Cocoa Powder, 400g

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Revered as the 'Food of the Gods' for its natural energizing and wholesome properties, cacao is renowned as one of the world's most powerful superfoods. Preserving its full-bodied flavor and nutritional value, our cocoa powder is made from premium Criollo cacao beans harvested in the warm, climatic regions of Africa. Criollo beans are one of three variations of cacao, recognizably the purest and rarest beans, hailed for their delectable chocolate flavor and aroma. These prized beans are carefully pressed into a cake-like paste and slowly ground into a fine, delicate powder at low temperatures, unveiling mouth-watering flavor and heavenly aroma.

Nutrient Dense - Our cocoa powder may be great in desserts, but it’s actually really good for you! It’s packed with vitamins and minerals! Add a couple scoops of our cocoa powder to your morning smoothie for an instant boost!

Great for baking - From cakes to brownies to cookies to pastries, our rich-flavored cocoa powder makes any baking recipe taste absolutely delicious!

Non-alkalinized - Here at Kitchiez we believe in bringing you the best goods and often that means going the less refined route for higher nutrition. Our cocoa powder is not treated with alkali for a more delicious and less refined final product.




Health Benefits

Great for Baking

Antioxidant Rich

Brain Health

Lowers Blood Pressure

Skin Health

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