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  • Chocolate 340g
  • Chocolate 340g
  • Chocolate 340g

Chocolate 340g

The Snack Story | In stock
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Well who can resist a jar of peanut butter that's so chocolaty and delectable! We start with the finest quality peanuts then dry roast and grind them into peanut butter perfection- creamy with a velvety texture and a dash of chocolate chips. We believe that optimum taste and nutrition comes from food that is as close to its natural state as possible. Making our nut butters an ideal wholesome snack for breakfast, smoothies or enjoy by the spoonful!

Are you ready for your next adventure? Whether taking on the city's highest mountain peak, hitting the gym or a grueling're going to need energizing snacks to fuel you! Our chocolate peanut butter is packed with plant based protein.

Heavenly taste, velvety texture, pure spread, it couldn't get any better!

Velvety texture

Rich chocolaty taste

Zero cholesterol

Health Benefits

Protein rich

Heart healthy

Energy booster

Rich in potassium

Bone health

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